DHA Lahore Phase 2

DHA Phase 2 Lahore is also known as DHA RAHBAR Phase 2. In the neighborhood of DHA Phase 1 Lahore, the well-known University is in DHA Phase 2. There are also community parks, including a football ground in Block R. Defence Public School for Boys, Block R, and Defence Model School in Block T.

If we see the DHA Phase 2 map, it has divided into five blocks, respectively Block Q, Bock R, Block S, Block T, Block U, Block V, and

Block CCA 2

Block Q is near Bedian road and main Defence road. Block Q has two community parks and a mosque. On the side of Bedian road, a large commercial market and the vegetable market located there. The commercial area also has a parking lot where the customers can park their vehicles easily.

LUMS University, Lahore, is located in DHA Phase 5 is just a few minutes' drives away. This University has an international standard where overseas also get admission.

Famous Lalak Jaan Chowk named a person killed in his country's sovereignty in the Kargil War and awarded the "Nishan e Haider" a tremendous military award. There is also an EID GAH and commercial market. Defence Public School for Girls at Lalik Jaan Chowk. Famous DHA Hallay Tower is near to Lalik Jaan chowk, and there is also a petrol pump.

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