Bahria Town

Bahria town is considered the largest Real Estate in Pakistan. It has spread its branches to many cities like Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore. It provides a luxurious and progressive lifestyle to its residents. It gradually gave the developments a modern touch.

Its architectural infrastructure, farmhouses, and other residential classical bungalows make it an outclass housing society.It also provides the best health facilities to its residents. Moreover, it gives uncountable economic and business opportunities. Bahria Town Lahore has many sectors from A to F. All sectors are further divided into more than 30 blocks. 

It is situated in Iqbal Tehsil of Lahore. It provides the most satisfactory services when it comes to facilities like entertainment, health, and leisurely activities. The Grand Jamia Mosque is the third-largest mosque in Pakistan lies in Bahria Town. It represents the magnificent and traditional culture of Islam. 

Bahria town map shows us that Sector A is the oldest sector and most demanded of all. Sector B is in the heart of Bahria town, providing entertainment spots, parks and facilitating its residents with all the amenities like electricity, gas, water, and security. 

If we look at the Bahria Town Lahore map, we observe that Sector C has many business buildings that encourage people to invest. Sector D has many community clubs, cinemas, and food courts. 

Sector E has Pakistan’s 1st international theme park. According to the map of Bahria town Lahore, Sector F is the last sector of Bahria town Lahore. It is further divided into six blocks, namely:

● Toheed block

● Alamgir block

● Ghazni block

● Tipu sultan block

● Sikandar block 

● Sher Shah block

It provides health facilities, schools, commercial areas, cinemas, country clubs, and mosques. 

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