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DHA Lahore Largest peaceful Housing society of Pakistan

DHA Lahore

DHA Lahore is the biggest and Peaceful Housing society in the Pakistan. it have 10 big subdivision called Phases and DHA Lahore has been doing a pretty nice work for maintaining  the society in all ways such as in construction , development, security, decorating, and also lots of other things which is supposed to be essential for making the DHA Lahore  infrastructure way more better.

If we examine the DHA special security squad then we come to know that DHA appointed specialized team for the security of their residents.All the security squad has been trained by the Pakistan Army which enable the quick response of the security squad as well as the specialty which allows them to control any kind of harmful situation.

Most of the DHA security team members has been retired from the Pakistan Army. So the loyalty and patience are those things  which they have learned from Army. Thats the reason which enables them to keep your environment peaceful, secure and controlled under any circumstances.

DHA Lahore Property Transfer Procedure.

DHA have own transfer Procedure that is most secure and most authentic. Here i am going to explain full Transfer Procedure.

1.Property Verification.

it is the first step of the Transfer any kind of the commercial and residential property of DHA (Defence) in this step we know that the following issue

  1.  if the property was stayed by some other party than DHA will mention that at the time of verification.
  2. if the property is leased by any bank than DHA will also mention that at time of Verification
  3. if the property has been involved in any kind of Government charges than DHA will also mention that at the time of verification
  4. if the property have any remaining dues of DHA than DHA will also mention that all dues against verified property.
  5. You can be  clearly know about the real owner name and other details of the property
  6. You can be clearly know about the real property size

2. NDC of the Property ( No Demand Certificate)

it is the second step of the transfer of DHA property that is apply after the verification of the Property if you clear the property verification then you able to apply the NDC of the Property. this is the step for getting us clear about any kind of dues of the selected property .

3. Submit the Transfer Fee of the selected property.

After the clearing of NDC the third step of transfer property is to submit the Transfer Fee of selected property. after that DHA give the Transfer Date and that day property are transfer.

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Regular Transfer Procedure of DHA Lahore

Regular Transfer Procedure of DHA Lahore

DHA Lahore is the biggest society of Lahore. it is actually army society in the early stage but now these day it become the army and civil society. DHA have own transfer procedure. it is have own documentation and procedure.  today i will explain the complete Transfer procedure of DHA Lahore. Transfer Procedure of DHA Lahore is simple as campier to other other society.

The first step to sale or purchase DHA any commercial and residential property is that to verify that specific sale property. if the verification is complete and property have not any objection than agent will be apply NDC that is no demand certificate than that property is ready to transfer and sale , purchase and their agent will follow the below mention Procedure for transfer property to one person and other person.

DHA Lahore not transfer any property without any register property dealer. so you must be find register property dealer. if you have not any register property dealer than contact us

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Leads Estates is one of the Largest property broker and agent in DHA Lahore Pakistan you can call us to transfer and any kind of help against any kind of commercial and residential plot and house of DHA Lahore.

Before to going the Transfer Procedure of DHA Lahore You must be get verification Property and NDC clearness form

Now we go to the Transfer Procedure in DHA Lahore there two kind of Transfer of Property

Regular Transfer

Argent Transfer

Regular Transfer of DHA Lahore  is a slow transfer procedure take some time

Argent transfer is a Fast Transfer procedure and property is transfer with the same day and at-least Two working day

Now we are explain Regular Transfer Fee

Regular Transfer of DHA Lahore

Documents Required for Transfer of Plot/house to other

  1. Transfer Documents set specimen available at DHA Office Reception. (English / Urdu)
  2. Original Allocation / Intimation / Allotment / Transfer Letter(s) at the
    time of transfer.
  3. Copy of Computerized National Identity Card of Seller and Purchaser (duly
    attested by Oath Commissioner).
  4. Membership Fee of new owner.
  5. Membership Form.
  6. 2 x Passport size photographs of new owner (Duly attested by Oath
  7. Transfer Fee. (According to the Size and Phase).
  8. Cantt Board Taxes.
  9. Original Sale Deed along with affidavits of Seller and Purchaser for
    surrendering, if plot is registered.
  10. Capital Value Tax (CVT) & Stamp Duty undertaking on Stamp Paper of Rs 50/=
    from purchaser.
  11. IT – 5 Form.
  12. Advance Tax Payment receipt (if applicable).


  1. Apply for No Demand Certificate.
  2. Customer will bring the Transfer Set to the Customer Services Officer for
    transfer appointment.
  3. Customer Services Officer will give the transfer appointment.
  4. Both Seller and Purchaser will visit Transfer Branch for transfer.
  5. Customer will submit Transfer Documents along with all paid Government
    charges and Membership fee of DHA within 30 days of Transfer at Customer
    Care Centre.
  6. Customer Services Officer will endorse/receive the documents and issue
  7. Customer will bring the receipt and original Computerized National Identity
    Card on the given date, to collect the Allocation / Intimation / Transfer
    Letter(s) from Transfer Branch, DHA Office.

  8. Note

    1. Urgent Transfer can be done after paying Urgent Transfer Fee with the
      approval of Director Transfer & Record on Stamp Paper of Rs 50/-. (EnglishUrdu)
    2. Urgent Transfer Fee is Rs 34,000/-